Roza's Gourmet Chilli Mustard 240ml

$9.90 each

A natural bush honey mustard base blended with fresh cayenne chilli – this one is great on sandwiches or to spice up any meat dish. It is a rating 6/10 on the chilli scale, so it’s hot but won’t destroy the flavour in your meal. It has a cult-like following of people who would say that they ordinarily do not like mustard, but love this one!

GOLD WINNER in the Australian RASV Food Awards.


Mustard (80%) (Water, Mustard Seed, Sugar, Salt, Vinegar, Turmeric, Spice Extract, Garlic Extract), Honey, Cayenne Chilli (3.7%), Hot English Mustard (Soy), Habanero Chilli.

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