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Tasmanian Sea Vegetables

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Dried Wakame is produced from wild grown and hand harvested Undaria found in the pristine waters of Tasmania’s South East Coast. The Kai Ho Wakame product consists of the upper leaves of the Undaria plant. It has been processed using our Unique Processing System and then freeze dried. This popular form is used widely in miso soup and salads.

Wakame Dried 100g $23.95 each

Wakame Dried 30g $10.95 each


Dried Mekabu is made using Undaria wild grown and hand harvested from the pristine waters of Tasmanias South East Coast. Mekabu is the ruffled frills at the base of the Undaria plant, highly prized for its health benefits. Mekabu is well known for its fucoidan content which has health promoting properties including antiviral activities.  This product is naturally dried. The texture of the hydrated product allows for use in soups, salads, traditional Japanese pickles.

Mekabu Dried 100g $23.95 each

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Mekabu Dried 30g $10.95 each

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