Our Products

At Ashmore Foods Tasmania, we stock a wide range of fresh fish.  We are constantly receiving fresh fish and seafood from our dedicated suppliers here in Tasmania, and mainland Australia. 

Our Fish

We stock most seasonal fish, and try and keep a wide selection available. Our range includes:

We also stock a great range of top-quality frozen products including:

  • Whole Aussie prawns, both cooked and green
  • Aussie green prawn meats
  • Squid tubes
  • Scallops
  • Mussels
  • Kilpatrick oysters


Our Salmon & Ocean Trout

Our salmon comes from fish farms in the beautiful Tamar Valley in Tasmania's North or Macquarie Harbour in the West. 

Every Ashmores-branded seafood product is carefully-selected and prepared before being offered to customers. 

It is our aim is to bring the finest seafood from the ocean to the plate as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Our Oysters (Crassostrea gigas)

Our oysters are harvested from farms across the state, including the cool waters off Bruny Island in Tasmania's south, the sparkling bays around the east coast, and the remote waters of Smithton in the state's northwest. 

Ashmores work with dedicated oyster farmers to select oysters from around the Tasmanian coastline, renowned for pristine water quality and Southern Ocean algae which give the oyster a sweet crisp taste.

Oyster farmers take on the baby oyster from the hatcheries to grow and nurture until the product reaches market size, this process can take several years of farming husbandry. 

Ashmore Foods market a significant portion of Tasmania's oyster production. Every working day, oysters are supplied to the Ashmores factory for selling into Australian mainland markets.

Oysters available for online sale are selected from these batches to ensure quality and freshness. 

Oysters in Tasmania can only be harvested from waters that have been given the tick of approval by state authorities and all oyster handling premises including Ashmores must be HACCP approved ensuring food safe premises. 

Our oysters are packed cool and shipped overnight to customers. If on receipt of the oysters they are kept at less than 4oC, then the oysters will be able to be consumed for at least seven days. 

Live oysters can be harvested, packed and transported from the farm to mainland Australia in under 24 hours. Ashmore's food safe HACCP processing facility provides oysters freshly opened or snap frozen, natural or kilpatrick, topped for the food service markets, branded for full customer confidence.

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