Local Tasmanian Boat fishing

Our Story

Ashmores Southern Fish Markets specialises in a diverse mix of fresh fish and seafood from the cool, clean waters around Tasmania. 

We source top-quality seafood products from around Australia, and have a wide range available for purchase at wholesale prices from our Mornington outlet in Hobart. We are proud to supply Tasmania's top restaurants with fresh seafood, and have long-standing relationships with the state's best chefs.

We take pride in only sourcing the best-quality fresh fish and seafood, and ensure our practices are sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Ashmores Mornington factory and outlet was established in 2003, and we maintain the highest possible food safety accreditations, guaranteeing top-quality fish and seafood, for both general public and wholesale hospitality distribution

Our experienced team understands fish and seafood - we work with trusted fishermen and quality providers here in Tasmania and beyond - to bring the best to your plate.

We operate an artisan smokehouse, where we prepare our classic cold-smoked salmon and hot-smoked salmon and trout range, using only the finest Tasmanian salmon and ocean trout.

Our experienced team also harvest wakame seaweed and other sea vegetables, as well as sea urchin and other specialty seafood from Tasmania's coastal regions.

At Ashmores, we look forward to providing you with the very best fish and seafood Tasmania has to offer.

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