Our Smokehouse

At Ashmore Foods Tasmania's retail store in Mornington, we have our own smoker - allowing us to produce smoked salmon and ocean trout in small batches, ensuring quality control and attention to detail.

James Ashmore was taught how to traditionally brine and cure fish by an old family friend, and has adapted and refined the recipe over many years for the very best smoked salmon and ocean trout.

Our traditional cold-smoked salmon and hot-smoked salmon varieties are very popular with Tasmanian customers, and are also stocked by selected mainland retailers. 

We use only the very finest Tasmanian salmon, and take great pride on these gourmet products.


Our Ashmore's smoked range includes:

  • hand-sliced traditional cold-smoked salmon
  • hot-smoked salmon in three flavour varieties (Traditional, Cajun, and Thai)
  • whole hot-smoked fish
  • cold-smoked ocean trout
  • hot-smoked ocean trout
  • smoked mussels

Order your smoked products through our smokehouse - click here.

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